blurb-04When choosing a projector for any location other than a home theatre application, careful consideration must be given to the light output power (measured in lumens) and the contrast ratio of a given model.

Depending upon the application, size of the desired image, ambient light within the room, portable or installed will all factor in to the selection of a projector that’s right for you. Specifications like lumen output and contrast will factor in significantly in this choice. There are many modern technological developments available to choose from.

For example – A local Burnaby church recently inquired about a projector system for their sanctuary. The room itself was of a traditional A frame construction with thirty foot ceiling at the apex. The ambient light level was acceptable however a traditional ceiling mount approach was deemed illogical due to the difficulty in accessing the unit for servicing after installation.

The solution came in the form of the Optoma W316ST short throw projector. While the brightness was only rated at 3400 lumens, the fact that it could be mounted three feet away and on the same wall as the screen proved to be an ideal solution.

Further proof that there is a projector available for any given circumstance.


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