Audio Systems

blurb-05Commercial audio systems can range from a couple of speakers mounted next to a screen for business presentations to a couple hundred speakers mounted to the ceiling for background music in a shopping mall.

Whatever the application, its good to keep in mind the old saying “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. In the case of an audio application, the “chain” is the audio system while the “link” is any given component within the system itself.

For example, a new commercial space purchases a dozen good quality ceiling speakers for music distribution throughout the room. Using satellite radio as a music source, the proprietor is also using an older 5.1 surround sound receiver that was found at a garage sale for amplification. The resulting sound is thin and distorted. When a louder volume from the system was needed, the speakers start to distort and eventually a number of them stop working.

In this scenario increased costs to replace blown speakers not to mention the time spent and frustration created in trying to make it work could have been avoided by simply specifying the correct piece of equipment for the system, in this case a simple to use mixer/ amp would have been the answer.

When putting together an audio system, care must be taken to carefully select components that are not only compatible but well.

Portable Audio

blurb-05Portable Sound offers you just what the name implies: amplified music and voice anywhere you need it.

Microtech offers the Chiayo line of wireless microphones, amplifier/speaker combinations. This product line has proven to be very popular with the education community because of its quick setup, easy operation and simple tear down. All of which is done without cables for microphones, mp3 players and even an electrical cord as most of the models can be battery operated.

Multiple units can also be connected together or “daisy chained” to provide excellent sound in larger venues. As comfortable in outdoor settings as they are indoors, the Chiayo line of portable sound products always gets the job done.

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